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10 Easy Ways for Teens to Start Saving Money

10 Easy Ways for Teens to Start Saving Money

By: charlemont

A cornerstone of building a sound financial future for your teenager is to teach him or her her how to save money. Sounds easy, but even many adults don't know how to do it. And that could be because no one ever taught them. Parents can show their teens ways to save money by serving real-life examples.

The ways to save money are easy to follow. In fact, there are no complications involved. Patience and persistence are needed, sure, but no special education or knowledge is required. Here's a list of ways to save money specially created for teens.

1. Do not put your computer in "standby" mode. Instead, shut it down. Do same with the monitor. While the power consumption in standby mode is little, it still adds up over the year. Same applies to all electronic appliances.
2. Take shower instead of bath. This will lower water bills tremendously. Also, use the possibilities to take shower outside home. For me, with two weekly visits to a swimming pool, it's easy and natural.
3. If you do not plan to buy anything, then do not take cash when leaving home. If you have no cash in the purse or pocket, you can't spend it. Sounds simple and works great.
4. Have your parents open a savings account for you. Depending on the financial institution, your starting deposit can be as low as 1 dollar. Not much, right? But with due attitude and dedication, you'll start making a small fortune pretty quickly.
5. Pay yourself first. Set aside part of your income for savings, before spending anything. When give allowance or any unexpected sum of money, take out 10% of it and save. Make a habit of spending less than you get. It will help to pave the way for financially prosperous future.
6. Set goals that appeal to you. Decide what you want -- a multimedia computer or a bike? Perhaps your parents will add some 10% of the sum. When you want something badly, saving is easier.
7. Plan major purchases ahead. Same applies to parties. Wait at least a week or so before purchasing. Chances are, you will change your mind or the price will drop. In both cases, you win.
8. Monthly allowance will teach you to save and spend wise. When you have to cover a month of expenses, the temptation to spend half of the allowance at once won't seize you.
9. Keep a checkbook. It's an old-fashioned method to put down records of all money received and spent. Doing so helps teens know where they stand financially. Analyzing your records over the month you'll discover where you could spend less, or when you bought something you didn't really need.
10. Get a piggy bank for a change. Use only dollar bills when paying. When the year is over, you'll have a lump some of saved money to make Christmas gifts.

By saving money teens learn patience and persistence. Every teen who embraces even one of these habits is well on his or her way to financial stability. It doesn't really matter how many of these tips you try to use. Start with just one, and when mastered enough, get to another. Saving money is what makes teens financially fit for the adult life.

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Christmas is just around the corner

Hello, now that Christmas is just around the corner it's time for everyone of us to get all that we want to celebrate it with out in the open and ready for the season. Preparation is in full gear for me and my family. I wish you a merry Christmas.

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Mamatek: Chrismas is just around the corner

MamatekChrismas is just around the corner and oh my, I’ve got to start thinking of what gift to buy for my grandchildren. Just so you know: I am a mother of four—two boys, two girls and my children are all grown up. My daughter who is first got married in 2003 and now she has two kids—a boy and a girl. I am blessed. Now to the story, I was just thinking of what to buy for them. I know my grandson would like a car but he had had so many car toys that he quickly ‘worked on’ as soon as it was given to him, none of them last more than a day. My grand daughter who is still a year plus would have loved a baby doll but she rarely plays with them. She likes to play with boy things just like her brother. I just pray she doesn’t grow up to be a tomboy. Anyway, I guess you my readers can be of help—give me a suggestion on what you think would be right for my grandkids this Christmas. You can reach me via my email: annikwe[at] or post your comment here on my blog.

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Mamatek Live!!!

Hello Bloggers, MamaTek is Live! Make it a habit to visit and read my blog and you will be deeply rewarded with knowledge.